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Shiro Tora Budo Kai – White Tiger Martial Arts – South Croydon 

If you want to learn to fight – come to see us! 

Weapons training – Unarmed Combat – Grappling – Kickboxing 


Get a great workout – Learn something – Have Fun! 

Practical, Realistic and Effective Street Self Defence 

Traditional and Contemporary Martial Arts Training 

Learn from a 7th Dan Black Belt with over 30 years experience 



Traditional and Contemporary Martial Arts Training 

Shiro Tora Budo Kai - White Tiger Martial Arts – South Croydon

Weapons training – Unarmed Combat – Grappling – Kickboxing

Traditional and Contemporary Martial Arts

Practical, Realistic and Effective Street Self Defence

Learn from a 7th degree Black Belt with over 30 years experience

Our weekly classes: 

Main Group Class is held every week at the STMA South Croydon dojo

 7.30 to 9.30 pm

£7 a session Pay As You Go

No joining fee – No membership fee – No contract

How a Class works:

Each Class session is divided into three sections:

Weapons, Unarmed, and Kickboxing

There is no half hour “warm up”, just some basic stretching.

This is not an aerobics class or a yoga class, it is a Martial Arts skills class.

You spend your time building skills.

Training equipment needed when you join:

When a member joins, they need to order the basic weapons and kickboxing kit

pair of sticks
boxing gloves
Groin guard
Boxing Focus pads

How to join:

We recommend that anyone interested in joining us visits us to view a class before they take part in their first lesson.

We then offer an introductory class so the student can get a feel for the classes and ask any questions they may have

Members are then expected to each regular weekly sessions.

We do not accept casual drop-ins or people wanting to train once a month.

We are looking to recruit people who want to train regularly to reach a high standard in a short time.

These classes are for all levels, beginner to advanced

This is an adult class over 18s only
There is no junior class

Street Fighting . Self Defence . Urban Combat . Threat Response
Kali . Eskrima . Stick . Knife
Kempo Karate . Kempo Jujutsu . Ninpo TaiJutsu
Boxing . Kickboxing . Padwork . Sparring
Groundfighting . Newaza

If you want to get fit go to aerobics.
If you want to get muscles go to the gym.
If you want to get flexible go to yoga.
If you want to learn to fight – come to see us!


Get a great workout – Learn something – Have Fun!



Croydon Kempo Goshin Jutsu - Martial Arts and Self Defence

Shiro Tora Martial Arts Croydon

Shiro Tora - White Tiger -
Martial Arts - Self Defence - Croydon




Kenpo 150

Kodokan Judo Newaza

Judo Gokyo





Post from 2014, ten years ago, on the STMA Progressive Syllabus

It is interesting to see how closely we have stuck to this over the ten years and where changes have been made

Ninjutsu is the area we have most expanded on, going beyond just using the TenChiJin and sourcing the 6 scrolls directly

The TenChiJin thread was started in 2009, added to in 2012, updated in 2023

The 9 Schools thread was started in 2013

it was five years later in 2018 that we started adding more specific info to this thread and gave each school it's dedicated thread with the Gata listed

The last post on the 2014 thread refers to SILAT

Silat is the generic name for the martial arts of Malaysia, just as Kung Fu is the name for the martial arts of China

So in parts Silat resembles arts we already have

Kali Kempo
Kempo karate
Kempo Jujutsu

So there really hasn't been a need to tap Silat yet
A second reason is that it would serve to confuse members who aren't too sure of the arts listed above

What we do use in Silat so far is the three major foot sweeps done at trapping range, that complement the karate sweeps done at kb range and the judo sweeps done at grappling range

What we will probably do is add in Silat drills at certain phases and ranges, just as we added mantis drills to chi São

It took us until last year 2023 to properly list and practice Silat, the Entry and TD Phase

Most likely Silat would be he next Art we go further into

Be interesting to see where we take this over the next ten years


Four clips with highlight from old Karate matches

Kicks, punches, knees, sweeps, throws, knockouts



Looked at Modern GOSHIN weapons

Knuckle Duster
Security torch

The Kukushin Gata done with TESSEN and JUTTE done with the Torch
- the use of the light itself to distract

- this is based on KATONJUTSU in Togakure, the use of Fire - in daytime the use of mirrors to reflect sunlight, in modern times torchlight

KEMPO applications eg Five Swords

KB progression

Karate Kumite
Focus pads - box sets and karate sets
Set 3, 4, 5, 6 application

Competition Karate
Knockdown Karate
Full Contact Karate

Kickboxing - competition no low kicks

Kickboxing - Standard low licks
Semi Contact Kickboxing - Freestyle Karate

Isolation Sparring Progressive

Karate Throws


While Karate on Okinawa did not contain Nage throws as such, when Funakoshu developed what became Shotokan in Japan, he refined a list of 9 throws

Having studied Judo and consulted with Kano he developed and finalised this list

The karate sweeps, as listed on the Board, were refined through the Competition years, and can be seen today

The list of throws are done from Karate Range, practiced as Jiyu Ippon Kumite, all come out in Free Sparring, and are applicable to Self Defence

In STMA we have covered these and referred to them, and are all present in Jujutsu and Judo, and some versions in Ninpo

The names are more "poetic" than directly descriptive

The 9 throws of Gichin Funakoshi

Byobu Daoshi – to topple a folding screen - O Soto Gari

Komi Nage – spinning top throw - Ikkyo - Tekki bunkai - the third move in KENPO Long 3

Kubi Wa – neck ring - Irimi Nage

Katawa Guruma – cripple wheel - the followup, with leg grab

Tsubame Gaeshi – reverse swallow - Dumog, Uki Otoshi

Yari Dama – spearing throw

Tani Otoshi – valley drop - though it has the same name as the Judo throw, it is variation on Ippon Seoi Nage and Shiho Dori

Ude Wa – arm ring - Bassai bunkai - double leg TD

Gyaku Tsuchi – reverse sledgehammer - piledriver

The modern format of Karate KKK - Kihon, Kata, Kumite, gave rise to the Sparring/Sport version that became widely taught

As we know, the STREET applications from Kata are not always passed on

Funakoshi's book Karate Do Kyohan lists and describes the 9 Nage


New pages at the Website for the KB sub sets