Tuesday 30 August 2022

Chakras and the Godai

 The chakras, like the godai, are a model of consciousness

They are not to be taken too literally or too seriously
They do not actually exist in the sense they are organs or energy centres, which don't actually exist in the physical world

They are ways to manifest emotions into physical Kamae and then into technique

Following this basic guide to the godai

Element, oriental name, emotion, stance
Earth chi confidence shizentai
Water Sui fear ichimonji
Fire Ka anger jumonji
Water fu compassion heart hira

Void ku creativity

The chakras relate to the five godai, as energy centres in the body

Earth, the seat, bottom of spine
Water, the hips, the hara in MA
Fire, the solar plexus, Manipura
Wind, the heart, anahata
Void, the throat

The sixth chakra is the third eye, the agyan
The seventh chakra is the crown, the thousand petal lotus

The seventh chakra and sense is supposed to relate to the universal consciousness
The sixth chakra is the sixth sense, if it exists, some say the sakki sense, used for fifth dan

Earth smell
Water taste
Fire sight
Heart touch
Throat hearing

They also relate to the colours of the rainbow, notes in music and and days of the week

Earth, water, fire, wind, void, agyan, crown
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet
Doh, ray, me, far, soh, la, tee

The chakra relate to the endocrine system

Crown pituitary
Agyan pineal, third eye
Throat thyroid. And parathyroid
Heart anahata thymus
Suigetsu Manipura pancreas
Water adrenals
Earth genitals

They also relate to the manifestation of the body

Earth the bones and muscles
Water the liquids, blood, water the body is made of
Fire, the metabolism, burning of energy, body heat
Wind, the breath, oxygen in the blood and tissues
Void, the thoughts, electrical energy

The sixth and seventh chakra are interpreted differently
Sixth being ESP, so libidinal energy body, aura
Seventh would be the spirit or soul

In combat

Earth, confidence, standing in shizentai, neutral stance

Water, fear, defensiveness, moving back into ichimonji, karate kokotsu dachi, using distance and blocks, counter attacks

Fire, anger, aggressiveness, moving forward, attacking, jumonji, a boxer punching, krabi fighter with forward strikes, wing chun Jik chun choy, shooting to clinch

Wind, compassion, hira Kamae, moving, evading, trying not to hurt the opponent while stopping him hurting you, himself, or anyone else, gently subduing him

In STMA we relate the godai to the four elements, the four pillars
Weapons, Unarmed, Grappling, Kickboxing
The void being creativity