Wednesday 7 September 2022

Godai - the five elements


Ninjutsu is the art that, more than any other, specifically taps the Godai in it's physical kamae, attitudes, and meditations.

We'll reference some of this mikkyo training at a later date.

I'll be bringing Kuji in for seniors at some point as well.

The Godai relate to combat in terms of physical kamae, stance and attitude, the techniques and form of fighting, aggressive, defensive, evasive, etc, emotional and mental state,
forms of nature such as animals or elements such as fire, water, etc.

This takes time to understand and to manifest

Earth - chi
confidence, strength
rock, mountain, tree
geo vibration - up and down
shizen kamae

Water - sui
defensiveness, reaction
geo vibration - side to side
ichimonji and hichu kamae
wing chun, jujutsu

Fire - ka
action - aggresiveness
geo vibration - forward and backward
jumonji kamae
boxing, thai, karate

Wind - fu
(flying birds, etc)
geo vibration - circular, spinning
hira kamae

Void - ku

Where as the Go Dai is one way of looking at the elements
Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Void

the Go Gyo is
Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Metal

we also look at the transitions between the states

Ice solid melts to water liquid which evaporates to steam air, etc

The GoGyo is used in Onshinjutsu invisibility and escape